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Restorative treatments

Tooth filling

Most frequently applied procedure, restoring tooth compromised by decay. Done by a dentist in a single appointment. It is carried out in local anaesthetic. Not esthetic dental amalgam has been replaced by light-cured tooth-coloured resin composites. The products we use 3M-ESPE,- Valux Plus meet both the highest medical and esthetic requirements thus serving your needs.
Even dental fillings carried out with the greatest possible care should be checked every 6 months and replaced 5-7 years, while having the condition of the tooth structure checked. The price of a filling varies according to size.

Sealant application

Shortly after tooth eruption in the pits and grooves on the chewing surface of molars bacterial plaque accumulates, making the tooth prone to dental caries.These surfaces are sometimes so deep that brushing cannot reach into the small pits to completely clean them. Sealants are applied on these hardly noticeable frissures, which is one of the most effective tools of preventing tooth decay. Does not require local aneasthetic.

Inlay, onlay:

Restorative procedure done with a precise co-operation of doctors and the laboratory staff. Two appointments with the dentist are required, preparation is carried out under local anaesthetic.
Removing the compromised part of the decayed tooth, the dentist creates a special cavity. A custom-made inlay is then created in a dental lab using a model or a copy of the tooth preparation obtained from a mold made by the dentist.

Depending on the size, the smaller ones are called inlays, the bigger ones are called onlays.

We offer a wide selection of inlays, onlays depending on their material:

  • gold:
    one of its advantages is that it reduces secondary caries developing under the inlay, in addition it provides a close fit with healthy margins and entirely allergy-free. Precious materials are added to pure gold as alloying metals such as pallodium, platina.
    Disadvantage: it is costly and its colour can be disturbing.
  • gold base with porcelain veneer:
    processed with the so-called galvan technology. The inlay with a gold base is covered with a porcelain veneer. Only at the sides of the inlay a gold margin is left for a tighter fit. The only disadvantage is that the porcelain may get chipped.

  • zirconium-oxide base+porcelain:
    metal-free inlay, recommended for patients presenting allergy. It is wear-resistant and can be made to match the colour of adjacent teeth. It gives a perfect closure with uncompromised margins.
    Because of its excellent qualities it is a bit costly alternative but it is worth.


A restorative treatment popular with patients as in a short period of time dazzling esthetic results are produced. It is a conservative method suitable for covering discolourations impossible to remove by professional cleaning. Metal-free ceramic is used. The porcelain veneer is a thin ceramic facing that is bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth. It is also indicated for chipped, worn teeth as well as to cover in-between gaps. It is widely used for anterior teeth. It has a natural transparency thus individual differences in the tone of the teeth can be matched and the covering layer adapts to the colour of the adjacent teeth in various light conditions.It is wear-resistant and retains its colour over the years. Its hard surface is resistant to the accumulation of plaque and the danger of gingivitis is minimal. It is recommended for patients presenting metal allergy. Two appointments are necessary. On the first appointment the dentist prepares the tooth, makes an impression, prepares a temporary restoration, while during the second visit the ready preparation is bonded to the tooth. It may not be suitable for root-canal treated teeth (3-5 years) or for anteriors with large restorations.

Root canal treatments

It is another restorative procedure to save a compromised tooth. During the treatment the dead, infected or irreversibly compromised denatl pulp is removed through the access created in the crown and the root canals are cleaned and filled with sterile materials. This method eliminates infection and inflammation and restores the function of the tooth. The treated teeth become dry and will be prone to chipping so it is advisable to have the tooth restored with a complete crown.

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