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Operative dentistry

The most frequent surgical procedures:

  • Placing a dental implant
  • Bone graft
  • periodontal treatment (root planning, correction of gingivitis)
  • Surgical tooth removal
  • Root apex resection

Periodontal treatment of perio pockets, correction of gingivitis

Gingivitis is caused largely by tartar buildup .
Poor oral hygiene causes tartar buildup at the base of the teeth causing gingival pockets to become deeper to form periodental pockets. If untreated, teeth will become loose and the bone structure may also be affected causing unwanted movement of teeth. In order to avoid the loss of teeth, the process of inflammation can be reduced by cleaning the bones and gum pockets. This requires perio surgery, which needs several appointments and a co-operation between doöctor and patient. Patients -after proper instructions - will have to take responsibility for proper dental care.

Surgical tooth removal:

In certain cases tooth removal requires surgical intervention (wisdom tooth extraction or other). Done under local anaesthetic.

Root apex resection:

Surgical procedure done under local anaesthetic. The tip of the root is surgically removed along with the surrounding infection to allow the bone to heal right up to the amputated root.

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