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Placing a dental implant:

The surgical procedure means placing a fixture surgically into the jaw bone to substitute for the root(s).

In certain special cases a bone graft can be done to correct the deficiency. The procedure is followed with a 6-month healing period. In the second phase of the treatment (after 4-6 months of osseointegration) crowns and bridges can be attached to the securely integrated implant. The methods of tooth replacement differ in every case. see types of tooth replacement.

The surgical procedure is carried out by Dr. Imre Csapór, who has earned international reputation in the field and has gained extensive experience.

The implant is made of tissue-friendly titanium, which is well tolerated by the human body and does not trigger secondary infections. Our dental team uses the implant system offered by Oraltronics (Pitty, Easy Bio, Oss).,,,,,,,, 3.i implant

The surgical procedure is always preceded by a thorough examination and consultation. Physical and X-ray diagnostic systems facilitate the doctor's work. Panoramic X-ray is done and a copy of a patient's recent dental X-ray (not older than 3 months) can also be accepted. On this visit the placement of dental implant is planned as well as the tooth replacement.

In every case the quality and quantity of bone have to be assessed and it is also important to screen the hygienic condition of the mouth.

Good oral hygiene is crucial for maintaining the quality of the implant, it is essential to avoid infections. Patients should drink less alcohol, less coffee and should refrain from smoking as much as possible.

Patients will undergo necessary pre-, and post-surgery treatments. (dental cleaning, removal of stitches)

The procedure is carried out under local anesthetic.

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