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Dental replacements

Fixed tooth replacements: crowns, bridges, onlays, implants
Removable and combined replacements: removable prosthesis replacing teeth in upper and/or lower jaw


Fixed tooth replacement:

Crown is a restoration that completely covers the prepared tooth.
It can be made of porcelain, metal, porcelain fused metal and galvanic crowns.


Dental bridges, parts of dental bridges:

A fixed appliance that replaces missing teeth, made up of false teeth which are supported by an anchor teeth (abutement). Parts are:abutement, anchor and pontic. Abutement (remaining part of tooth, restored root or implant) supports the replacement. Anchor attaches the bridge to the abutement. Pontic is the part of the bridge that replaces the missing teeth.
Preparation of bridges requires at least two appointments. On the first appointment the compromised teeth are prepared, impressions are made and temporary replacements are placed on the teeth in order to save them and for esthetic reasons. After approx. 5 weekdays the final appliance is checked for fit and bite. Fixed tooth replacements are attached to the tooth with cement containing glass-ionomers.

The following materials are recommended for dental bridges in our dental office:

Ni-free metal-alloy with a porcelain veneer

Our laboratory boasts a 10-year experience in processing tooth replacements generated from titanium.

  • It is the best anti-allergic element. Its qualities supersede those of any gold alloy by 10 times. It is not only its price which is favourable.
  • Being a precious-metal alloy, it does not trigger allergic responses.
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • It does not leave a taste in the mouth
  • Tissue-friendly material
  • It is neutral with already existing tooth replacements in the mouth
Gold crown without a porcelain veneer
Gold alloy crown with a porcelain veneer
Galvanic gold crown with a porcelain veneer:

The metal part of the crown is produced with the method of electroplating. It is 99.8% pure gold, free from alloys and composition metals.It is well-tolerated by the human body.
Galvanic crown a dental crown whose metal part is produced with the method of electroplating, as a result of which it is a perfect fit and is very thin so its porcelain veneer can be made thicker than the one on a ceramo-metal crown, resulting in better esthetic. Another advantage is that it is free from additives and composition metals, it is 99.8% pure gold and well-tolerated by the human body.

Other advantages:

  • great precision
  • exclusive utilisation of biocompatible materials (porcelain, gold without bonding oxides)
  • high proportion of porcelain (esthetic and skill)
  • gold colour of the frameworks

It is suitable for shorter galvanic dental bridges. The interpart is moulded from alloys of precious metals suitable for welding; then it is attached to the galvanic anchors by laserwelding and bonding, solderless. Then it is covered perfectly with a porcelain veneer.

Zirconia-base crown with a porcelain veneer.

Our most recent innovation is the application of entirely metal-free, porcelain dental replacements.

The advantages of zirconia:

  • metal-free, suitable for patients presenting allergy to metals
  • durable, wear-resistant
  • high esthetic capabilities
  • can be custom-made to match individual tone of tooth
  • no discolouration, resistant to extarnal colouring agents
  • Processing is done with the application of CAD/CAM technology of Sirona

Screw-retained replacement:

If the crown of the tooth is missing, it can be replaced with the help of pegs. In the case of a root-canal treated tooth the pegs are placed directly in the root of the previously treated tooth, while in the case of a living (vitalis) tooth the peg is placed next to the pulp. It is also used to strengthen the remaining crown.
In the majority of cases crowns are also recommended.

Removable dentures

Complete removable denture

  • for those who have lost all of their upper or lower teeth
  • Other types of replacements are not considered for financial reasons or anatomic reasons

In a short period of time esthetics can be restored with a fully functional device

  • Can be custom-made to match individual needs (colour, shape)
  • It has to be taken out every day for cleaning
  • It is made of plastic, not so wear-resistant, but can be strengthened with a metal plate which will considerably enhance the resistance of the device.
  • Getting used to it takes longer time
  • Acrylic teeth may discolour

Combined dentures:

If a considerable number of teeth are missing partials are made with porcelain fused to metal crowns, acrylic crowns or metal alloys upon request. This is done with a hidden precision attachment. Precision attachment:a specially machine part used in some bridges to hide the attachment of the removable anchor teeth. One part is hidden in the crown covering the remaining tooth or implant, while the other is hidden in the denture.

Another important part of partials is the metal plate. Metal plate: the base of the device is made of metal. We offer nickel-free alloys, goldl alloys or titanium. Its advantage is that it is more precise and requires smaller extension than plastic.

The advantages of combined replacements:

  • comfortable, esthetic
  • they are safe and easy to get used to
  • the metal plate can be made of allergy-free metals
  • allergy free acrylic VITA-PAN can also be used to process removable dentures and partials

A special case of removable replacements are telescopic dental devices.
The seconder crown in telescopic replacements is produced with galvanisation resulting in great precision and a tension-free fit. The primary crown is attached to the tooth of the patient while the other (seconder) is built in the removable part.
For patients wearing a complete removable or partial denture the application of Blend-a-dent products or Corega Tabs are highly recommended.

We use the following dental metal alloys:



Alloys of gold
Ni-free alloys
The materials we use for veneers:

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