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We provide a wide range of services.
In addition to dental services (dental implantology, dental replacements, tooth whitening) we run a dental laboratory, provide a dental taxi service, and assist our patients in booking accommodation and organizing free-time activities.

Under the appropriate menu headings you can find further details about the different aspects of dental treatment: dental replacement, conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, dental implants

Please find the details of our treatments in the list on the left!


Placing a dental implant:


Dental replacements

Fixed tooth replacements: crowns, bridges, onlays, implants Removable and combined replacements: removable prosthesis replacing teeth in upper and/or lower jaw


Restorative treatments

Most frequently applied procedure, restoring tooth compromised by decay. Done by a dentist in a single appointment. It is carried out in local anaesthetic. Not esthetic dental amalgam has been...


Operative dentistry

Gingivitis is caused largely by tartar buildup . Poor oral hygiene causes tartar buildup at the base of the teeth causing gingival pockets to become deeper to form periodental pockets. If...


General diagnostics

X-ray examination:


Inlay - onlay-veneer

Inlay or onlay appears to be a perfect solution when your partially damaged tooth will not be directly filled with aesthetic composite. In modern dentistry it is IPS e. max CAD, which fulfills the...


Dental Aesthetics

First impressions do matter. Those with a dazzling smile demonstrate self-confidence in establishing contacts with people. This may be important to you as well.



It is well-known that patients hold high functional and esthetic expectations for modern dental appliances:


Zirconia, YZ-cubes

Our latest innovation is the application of entirely metal-free, ceramic tooth replacements.


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