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Our laboratory boasts 10 years of experience in processing tooth replacements generated from titanium.

  • The best anti-allergic element. Its qualities supesede those of any gold alloy by ten times.It is not only its price which is favourable.
  • It does not trigger an allergic response
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • It does not have a taste

Healthy, esthetic teeth: the first priority of modern oral care.

It is well-known that patients hold high functional and esthetic expectations for modern dental appliances:

  • wear-resistance
  • heat resistance (ice-cold drinks, hot meals)
  • chemical impacts (sweet or acidic foodstuffs)

So an ideal solution should be found. Both scientific and practical have proved that the possible mistakes can be ascribed to the composition metals. Of all the metals used in dentistry it is Titanium that meets the highest requirements.

Characteristics of the TITANIUM:

  • the best anti-allergic element. Its qualities by ten times supersede those of any gold alloys. It is not only its price that is favourable.
  • natural element
  • it matches the quality of gold alloys
  • does not pose a risk for those suffering from allergy
  • has low thermal conductivity, no taste of metal in the mouth
  • it is neutral with other tooth replacements in the mouth
  • it transmits X-rays (tooth is visible under titanium crown). Titanium does not trigger intolerance. Titanium is insoluble, it is resistant to chemical processes taking place in the mouth cavity. Tissue-friendly, resistant to corrosion.
  • Suitable for patients presenting allergy to metals.


Multiple function, single element: TITAN


  • Crowns, bridges (with porcelain and acrylic veneer)
  • Preparation of metal plates
  • Combination work
  • Dental implants
  • Inlays

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