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Laboratory (Vitadent)

Our laboratory is one of the most up-to-date of the country.

Our specialities:

Materials utilised come from Germany, the USA and Japan such as VITA, Girrbach, CAD-CAM replacements (metal-free ceramic -, galvan-technology (, Gradia.

The great majority of dental laboratory work generated from titanium and zirconium is commissioned from Germany, Belgium and France but we also undertake laboratory work commissioned by the Budapest Clinic of Dental Replacement.
Tooth replacements generated from entirely anti-allergic materials. Our laboratory was the first to have produced metal-free tooth replacements on zirconium frameworks with CAD-CAM method.

It is our aim to prepare every dental unit requiring state-of-the-art technology in our laboratory.

Consequently, we constantly update our laboratory with the latest state-of-the-art technology. ISIS-DENTAL laboratory was the first in Hungary to have utilised the VITA YZ CUBES technology. The primary advantage of the computer-assisted technology (dental replacements on zirconium frameworks) lies in its precision and high esthetic. They are unbreakable, due to their high tensile strength.

Since 1988 our laboratory has been preparing fixed and removable tooth replacements on implants. Since 1998 we have been producing fixed, combined tooth replacements on titanium frameworks mainly for implanted areas. During this period we have generated several thousands of titanium-ceramic units. Since January 1996 we have been producing metal-free ceramics utilising the VITA IN-Ceram System, among the first laboratories in the country.

Since the autumn of 2003 - first in the country - we have been utilising the joint CAD-CAM system of the firm Sirona VITA. A digital picture of the prepared tooth is made then bridges (from 1 to 5-6 components) are designed and fabricated. In addition, this system is capable of several other segments such as inlay, onlay, veneer, tellescopic primaries combined with galvanic technology.
There has been a significant increase in the commissions for telescopic units, mainly patients from Germany have asked for these solutions. During the past 7 years our laboratory has prepared several thousands of metal-free ceramic devices. We believe that during these years we have accumulated considerable experience.

We use a high-definition, stereo enlarger to ensure the greatest possible precision.
The whole laboratory is air-conditioned ensuring a calm and pleasant environment for our staff. As our laboratory is one of those being the best-equipped in the country, we make sure that our staff is given an ongoing professional training. Every year either leading firms from Germany hold workshops for the staff or our staff travel to Germany in order to attend workshops in Köln, Pforzheim, Dortmund hosted by the firms VITA (, C-Hafner (, Girrbach (, Gradia ( , SIRONA (

GWe utilise the technology of the German firm called C-Hafner in the production of works generated with galvano-technology, galvano-telescopic crowns and implant replacements fused with titanium.

The implant components utilised:,,,,,,,, 3.i implant,

Healthy esthetic teeth: the first priority of modern oral care.



We all know that patients hold high functional and esthetic expectations for modern dental appliances.

  • wear resistance
  • heat resistance (ice-cold drinks, hot meals)
  • chemical impacts (sweet or acidic foodstuff)

So an ideal solution should be found. Both scientific and practical evidence have proved that the possible mistakes can be ascribed to the composition metals. Of all the metals used in dentistry it is titanium that meets the highest requirements.

Characteristics of Titanium:

  • natural element
  • it matches the quality of the alloys of gold
  • does not pose a risk for those presenting allergy light
  • has low thermal conductivity, no taste of metal in the mouth.
  • it is neutral with other tooth replacements
  • it transmits X-rays (tooth is visible under Titanium crown). Titanium does not trigger intolerance. Titanium is insoluble. It is resistant to chemical procedures taking place in the mouth cavity. Tissue-friendly, resistant to corrosion.
  • Suitable for patients presenting allergy to metals.


Multiple functions, a single element: titanium


  • crowns, bridges (with porcelain, acrylic veneer)
  • preparation of metal plates
  • dental implants
  • Combination work
  • inlays

Dental metal alloys we use and their distributors:



Alloys of gold:

Ni-free alloys:

Veneer-materials we use:

We hope to assist you, please feel free to contact us and check the validity of these personally.
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