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Inlay - onlay-veneer

Inlay or onlay appears to be a perfect solution when your partially damaged tooth will not be directly filled with aesthetic composite. In modern dentistry it is IPS e. max CAD, which fulfills the highest requirements and meets the highest aesthetic demands. It is a lithium-disilicate glass ceramic, which is biocompatible and also durable due to its stabilty. As a result of its homogeneity, it does not harm the opposing teeth, moreover, it provides a perfect fit int he mouth. The material owes its high aesthetic features to its translucency.

Are offered by our laboratory depending on their material:


as an advantage it reduces secondary caries developing under the inlay, it adhesively bonds to the tooth and allergy-free. Exclusively precious metals are used as composition metals added to pure gold (palladium, platina)

Gold base with a porcelain veneer:

made with the so-called galvan-technology. The difference is that the inlay with a gold base is given a porcelain veneer. The dental technician leaves a gold rim around the inlay in order to ensure a more snugly fit. Its advantages are the same as above.

zirconium-oxide base+porcelain:

metal-free inlay, recommended to patients presenting allergy to metals. It is wear-resistant, can be generated in excellent colours. Adhesively bond to the tooth.


Chipped, damaged, stained teeth can be best treated with veneers. A veneer is a thin porcelain layer placed over the tooth surface. It requires only a minimal preparation, so the inconveniences you might experince during a dental treatment may be reduced to the minimum. The result is impressive, it looks as if the tooth had been given an entirely new layer of enamel. Veneers may restore the perfect smile.

IPS e. max glass ceramic provides the most outstanding aesthetic and functional solution.
The new dental replacements feel and look so natural that only your dentist knows that they are not your original teeth.

A restoration method popular with patients as in a short period of time dazzling esthetic results are produced.

It is a conservative method, suitable to cover discoloured areas or discolorations impossible to remove by professional cleaning. Metal-free ceramic is used.

The porcelain veneer is a thin ceramic facing that is bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth. It is also indicated for chipped, worn teeth as well as to cover gapped areas. It is widely used for anterior teeth.

It has a natural transparency, thus individual differences in colours can be matched and the covering layer adapts to the colour of the adjacent teeth in various light conditions. It is wear-resistant and retains its colour over the years. Its hard surface is resistant to the formation of plaque and the danger of gingivitis is minimal.

It is recommended for patients presenting metal allergy. Two appointments are needed. On the first appointment the dentist prepares the tooth,makes an impression, prepares a temporary restoration, while during the second visit the ready preparation is bonded to the tooth.

It may not be suitable for root canal-treated teeth (3-5 years) or for anteriors with large restorations.



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