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Zirkonia, CAD-CAM

Advantages of zirconia:

  • metal-free, suitable for patients presenting allergy to metals
  • durability, wear-resistance,
  • high esthetic capabilities,
  • colours to suit individual needs may be processed,
  • no discolouration, resistant to external colouring agents,

Processing is done with the application of CAD/CAM technology of Sirona.


Complete ceramic tooth replacements made from zirconium oxide. Health is more and more important for people, so is a healthy smile. Dental porcelain is the best and the most compatible material in dental technology. By applying CAD/CAM technology, zirconiumoxide - beside gold and other dental metals - can be used as basis material for crowns, bridges, telescopic appliances.
Zircon-oxide ceramic is biocompatible, so entirely tissue-friendly. Does not trigger allergic responses, does not discolour and does not leave a taste of metal in the mouth.
It is as unique as the shape, form and colour of your teeth.
The transparency of zirconium-oxide ceramic is similar to that of natural teeth. (Left picture: zirconium-oxide crown, right picture: porcelain fused to metal crown). Zirconium-oxide is of high strength and hardness and has been used effectively in space research and articular prosthetics. The material with its excellent chatacteristics offers particular toughness. Quality and lasting clinical results are guaranteed due to the application of computer-assisted technology.


From a pre-sintered, yttriumstabilised zirconium-oxide block, the computer polishes the piece by enlarging it automatically by 20%. Then in a special, high-temperature furnace the piece is sintered. As a result, a tooth replacement of particular toughness and precision is produced with unique, esthetic capabilities in its transparency and colour structure.

What is meant by CAD/CAM technology?

When is it worthwile using CAD/CAM technology:
In innovative dental technology. The reasons:

  • It is highly biocompatible
  • It is clinically proved
  • Complete ceramic (suitable with almost every fixed replacement)
  • Entirely metal-free replacement
  • Documented production process in compliance with the MPG
  • Constantly updated software and hardware
  • CAM - precise craftsmanship
  • Characteristics of material are constant
  • High precision in procession

What is meant by CAD - CAM?

CAD - acronym for computer-aided design
CAM - acronym for computer-aided manufacturing
What CAD/CAM means to you is that your restoration is designed and machined with precision using a computer with an integrated software.

This is not CAD - CAM technology!



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